Thinking of Home

It is funny thinking about the different ways you can miss ‘home’. I know I am not talking for everyone here but if you are anything like me, long travels draw out what you really miss when it comes to thinking about ‘home’. For some folks, it is the people – friends and family, for … More Thinking of Home

Argentina – Daily life as a local ‘Porteño’

Argentina, Buenos Aires. Hold on with both hands. We are about to take a white-knuckled ride through the streets of Buenos Aires: on a bus. Not just any bus – a public transport bus; hurtling through the many and vast boulevards of the city with no intention of using the brake pedal; for passengers, pedestrians … More Argentina – Daily life as a local ‘Porteño’

Tackling Bolivia

Bolivia, Cochabamba. Every day we catch a trufi to the Hogar de Suenos to play and spend some time with the orphans who live there. Bolivians of all ages hop on and off these little vans taking them along well worn out routes through and around this busy metropolis. The ladies white wide-brimmed straw hats … More Tackling Bolivia

Coastal Peru – From Pacific waves to Desert Oasis

Peru – Huacachina Crossing the Ecuador/Peru border turned out to be a surprisingly smooth considering it was supposed to the be the worst border crossing in the Americas. We even left Ecuador with our departure card in hand wondering if we were ever going to be asked for it?! Remember to ask us one day … More Coastal Peru – From Pacific waves to Desert Oasis